2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Recap

2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Recap

Mustang Soccer

Annual General Meeting

Sunday, November 15, 2020

2:00 pm

Mustang Soccer Complex


The 2020 Nominating Committee is pleased to present the 2021 Board of Directors elected Sunday, November 15th at the Annual General Meeting:

President: Richard Northing

Vice President: Kelvin Downes

Treasurer/Secretary: Rob Nowacek

Competitive Director, Boys: Ricardo Martinez

Competitive Director, Girls: David Mann

Recreational Director, Boys: Marianne Winter-Greene

Recreational Director, Girls: Tripp McNutt

Recreational Plus Director: Chris Rudberg

Equipment Director: Reid Swanson

Fields Director: Greg Luengo

Parliamentarian/Historian: Melissa Ennen

Referee Director: Justin Yarkin

Coach and Player Development Director: John Doyle


2020 Nominating Committee:

Greg Luengo, Rich Wodehouse, Roy Nicholson, Seth Blackman, Melissa Ennen



Every year Mustang Soccer recognizes players who have achieved not only leadership and sportsmanship in soccer but also academic excellence.  This year we are proud to present five winners.

-Tyler Beach

-Madilyn Lee

-Audrey Nowacek 

-Grant Summers

-Emily Wilkins

Presenters:  Fred Wilson and John Doyle



This award is presented each year in recognition of a person who generously volunteered their time and energy on behalf of the youth of the Mustang Soccer League.

This year's recipients are all of our Recreational Coaches that volunteered in order for Recreational camps to happen during this pandemic.  These coaches were shown our appreciation in person last week during their Recreational camp practices.  Fred Wilson acknowledged these volunteer coaches.



















                                                               RICK SAMSON MEMORIAL ELITE VOLUNTEER AWARD


Mustang is proud to present this year's award to

Ann Marie Giusto.  Ann has been instrumental in our Mentor Program. 

Presenter:  Girls Coaching Director, Pat Uriz



We believe that kids can influence each other both on and off the field. The goal is to leverage a mentoring relationship within the Mustang Soccer Club that will promote positive change by youth players, for youth players and for our communities. Our goals are to:

  •       inspire the next generation of players
  •       lead by example
  •       give back to our community





















                                                                      KINNEAR COMPETITIVE COACH OF THE YEAR AWARD

Mustang Soccer is proud to present Mary Hoffert with this year's Competitive Coach of the Year Award!  Congratulations!  Mary's team was present to show their coach with flowers and confetti.  It was the most heart-warming part of the evening.





Coach Mary with Presenters John Doyle, Director of Coaching and Pat Uriz, Girls Director of Coaching








                      Mustang Soccer congratulates all of our honorees in 2016. 


Four of our Board of Director Presidents were at our 2016 AGM to share in the festivities and to give their thanks to all of the award winners.


In order from left to right:  John Mascali, Scott MacDougall, Dave Sandusky, and Bob Oxenburgh


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