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General Information

Mustang Soccer League

Youth Coaching Program



Mustang Soccer League began a formal Youth Coaching Program in 2012 to address the growing interest in our Recreation level of play and subsequent need for coaches.  The combination of High School age coaches mentoring our younger players has proven to be a winning formula.  With training and oversight from our Program Directors and parent volunteer oversight, we are proud of the resulting soccer experience and character development for our players, their families and our YC’s.  Each season our Youth Coaching Program continues to grow, both by the number of youth participating, as well as the exercise of leadership through our talented Youth Coaches.


To become a Youth Coach with Mustang Soccer League, High School students (typically Juniors and Senniors) must be at least 16 years old and have a valid driver’s license (for travel to and from practices and games).  We also require parental consent, both for knowledge and support of the YC’s involvement. 

Youth Coaches typically work as a team (2-3 YC’s for 1 team), with friends or teammates.  As long as at least one YC has their driver’s license, we will consider Sophomores or mature Freshmen, on a case-by-case basis and with attention to age difference between coaches and players.

Team assignment priority is given toward returning YC’s and Seniors, then by grade level, in descending order.  Open communication is encouraged during the application, selection and assignment process.

Youth Coaches are NOT required to have a specific level of soccer experience or profiency.  While that is helpful, we work with the YC’s to use any athletic or leadership experiences and develop them into competent coaches and mentors for the younger players.


*  The Recreation season runs from August (initial practices) until November, depending on age group assignment and league performance.

*  YC’s will be asked to participate in the Training Sessions that begin in May. 

*  YC’s are expected to prepare and execute practice (1 hour) and game plans (10-14 games) over the duration of a season.  If unavailable, please allow   ample time for alternate arrangements through other team volunteers, other YC’s or the YC contacts. 

*  YC’s volunteer approximately 55-65 hours over the course of a season:

  •     40 hours for practices 
  •     4 months x 8 practices x 1.25 hours per practice (prep and clean-up)
  •     20 hours for games
  •     10-14 games x 2 hrs per game (warm-up, game and clean-up)
  •      5 hours for miscellaneous
  •      Trainings, Kick-off party, End-of-Season party

*  From a standpoint of Risk Management, there must be at least ONE (1) adult / parent present at every function (practice, party, game, etc).  Mustang will work with the YC’s to ensure proper communication and adherence to this rule, for the safety of both the players and our YC’s.

*  YC’s are an amazing Role Model to their players and are expected to “take the high road” whenever possible.  This is typically seen as relates to the outcome of games (ie minimizing blowouts), interaction with parents (remain composed) and sideline behavior (calm demeanor).

*  As the YC’s Role Model expands into our community, we encourage our YC’s to be mindful of your players’ and their parents’ eyes, which may be looking up to you at any time.  It’s small-town rock-star status..

**  Youth Coaches will NOT be required to deal with challenging parents throughout a season.  While this is subjective and can occur at any time, we encourage  and trust our YC’s to manage their teams to the best of their comfort level.  If a confrontation occurs, we advise our YC’s to neutralize or get past the situation with as little drama as possible.  Then contact a YC Program Director who will handle it from there, with heavy support toward our YC’s.

**  Youth Coaches will NOT be required to deal independently with consistently poor or challenging behavior from a player.  Again, this can be subjective, although it will typically be seen from the onset of the season.  As with the parent issue above, we encourage our YC’s to manage their team to the best of their comfort level, then contact a YC Program Director for further advice or support as needed.


Mustang will host multiple trainings throughout the year, in alignment with the timing of the season:

*  May and June will be a combination of classroom and field activities related to practice, game management and overall team management (players and parents).

*  August will be a final pre-season (league) prep, with games beginning in Sept.

*  October will be a mid-season review, making any minor tweaks or adjustments, as well as keeping an eye toward an enjoyable finish and preparation toward year-end festivities.

Contacts and Resources

Mustang has two Program Directors for the Youth Coaching Program as well as Board of Director support, as this program has proven so beneficial for the youth in our club.

Don Busboom:  Youth Coach Program Director   925-640-7871 

Mark Westgate:  Youth Coach Program Director   925-915-1504

Marianne Winter-Green:  Recreational Division Boys Director  925-339-5964 

Tripp McNutt:  Recreational Division Girls Director    925-872-0595 

Fred Wilson: General Manager and Assistant Director of Coach and Player Development  925-759-6267

YC’s will receive an allocation of coach’s gear (balls, cones, pinnies, bag, etc) for running their practices and games.

YC’s earn recognition at the Mustang Annual General Meeting in November.  Along with a Certificate of Appreciation, YC’s often use this experience and/or Program Director references toward their college applications.







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