Premier Player Evaluation Timelines for Elite Teams


Following is an overview of the player evaluation and placement timelines for Premier players.  Players have been identified by professional Mustang staff and Premier coaches to be included in upcoming trainings with Elite teams.  These identifications were completed through training and games in the summer and fall of 2017.  Some of the factors that go into the evaluation process are attendance at practice, ability at practice, attitude, effort and overall sportsmanship.  If your player was not identified as a player ready for the Elite level through this process, the player may still be considered by registering to be considered.  We will be forwarding this link to all players on Tuesday, February 20th.  Please email with any questions.


1. Age Group Directors will be required to provide weekly reports to directors beginning March 10th.  These reports will include the following information.  We will create a Google documents spreadsheet where this information will be recorded by coaches to be included in the weekly reports.

a. Age group trainings with Elite players and players attending those trainings.

b. Identified Premier players brought into training.  Number of trainings and coaches present to evaluate.

c. Unidentified Premier and Recreational Plus players that have requested an evaluation and been brought into trainings.

d. May evaluations of any players outside of the club.

2. Information on the Google docs sheets that will need to be recorded are:

a. Date of training

b. Coaches attending

c. Players attending

d. Directors attending

3. Proposed timelines for this process:

a. Now – get your identified Premier player lists from your Age Group Directors as soon as possible.  We will also be providing a list of those unidentified players who would like a chance to tryout with your team.

b. March 1st-March 16th – Begin the age group training process with current Elite players if you have not already done so.  Keep track of players attending the age group training dates for evaluation purposes.  Keep track of all coaches and directors in attendance on any dates in which you run age group trainings.  This will provide information to parents on how many times we see players in the environments we create.

c. March 17th-31st – Set a schedule to invite in the identified Premier players to individual team trainings and/or age group trainings.  This schedule is up to you to maximize your ability to see players without overloading trainings with numbers.   Keep track of the dates and times of these trainings and players attending to be entered into the spreadsheet.

d. April 1st – April 15th Set a schedule for the list of unidentified Premier players who would like to be considered.  Again, spread this out over time to see players accordingly without overloading your trainings. 

e. April 15th-30th – Begin to create the roster lists as you see your rosters forming with players you think will move into the Elite program or change teams within the Elite program. 

f. May 1st-11th – This will be the time frame for you to see players from out of the area.  We will be providing a list in March and April of players from outside of Mustang that have expressed an interest in the club.   This will give you an opportunity to observe these players through spring league if you have not already seen them play. This will give you a good look at top players who will be able to come in and compete on your teams.

g. May 12th – Rosters are due to the Mustang office.


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