NorCal Head Injury Policy and Club Requirements

In order to comply with California State Law AB-2007, NorCal Premier Soccer is mandating that all clubs provide each player a concussion and Head Injury Information Sheet.  The club must receive back from the player and parent (if the player is 17 years of age or younger) a signed copy of the Head Injury Information Sheet.

There are two forms that must be read and signed.  One by the parent of an athlete.  The other is by the athlete.  Both must be signed.  For those of you on an Elite team, your Team Manager can help you.  The Team Manager will be gathering all of the team's signed forms to turn in to Mustang.  Please do not fill out forms and send directly to Mustang.  If you have questions, please contact Kim Wilkins, Elite Registrar.

CDC Athlete Concussion Waiver

CDC Parent Concussion Waiver


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