Game Difficulty levels – Click on Assigning to see the Game Difficulty levels.

Referee Ability levels – Referees are assigned an ability level for Center Referee and one for Assistant Referee. As with the Game Difficulty levels, these range from 2 to 8. New referees are assigned a CR level of 2 and an AR level of 3, and as referees advance their ability level, the ranks typically continue to differ by one level, with a referee having a higher ability level for AR than for CR. For more information on referee ability levels, and the skills associated with each level, click on the Assigning link.
Evaluations - As a referee gains experience and the ability to handle more competitive and older players, they can request evaluations which can result in an increase in their Mustang ability level or feedback on the areas they need to improve in order to advance. Click HERE to request an evaluation.

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