Dick King Playoffs

The Recreational season concludes with the end of season Dick King Tournament November 3rd thru 10th, 2019.

It is a single elimination tournament and will produce the League Champion of each age group/gender for all age groups for both the Rec and Rec Plus divisions.

Each team will play at least one game in the tournament regardless of their standings at the end of the season.

Games will begin on Sunday, November 3rd.  Championship games will be played on the following weekend. There will be midweek games for some age groups based on the number of teams in the age group.  These will be played in the evening at the Mustang Soccer Complex with games starting at 7:15 p.m.

The winners of each division will be invited to participate in the Tournament of Champions, 2019 California Cup Recreational Soccer Tournament on Saturday, November 16th & 17th in Fremont, California.

Please see the schedules link on the right side of this page for the schedule of your age group. 

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