Saddleback Tournament

Rec Plus Tournament

Mustang Saddleback Tournament Rules 2018
The Mustang Division 4 White/Rec Plus Saddleback Tournament will be played under FIFA “Laws of the Game” as modified and this tournament. (see below)
September 29th and 30th 2018
Each team will play a minimum of three games (a forfeited game is counted as a game).  Due to the unusual number of teams in some age groups, regular bracket formats may not be used.  Seeding for Sunday’s games may be set based on the results of Saturday’s games.
U-10 Boys - 10 teams
U-10 Girls - 12 teams
U-12 Boys - 12 teams
U-12 Girls - 16 teams
U-14 Boys - 8 teams
U-14 Girls  - 7 teams
U16 Boys - 4 teams
U16 Girls - 5 teams
U10 Girls: MSC Upper 1A & 1B, Sycamore 2B, Tassajara Hills
U12 Girls: Sycamore 4 & 5, MSC Lower A and B
U14 Girls: Sycamore 2 & 3, Diablo Vista Park, MSC
U16 Girls: Sycamore 2 & 3, Diablo Vista Park, MSC
U10 Boys: MSC Upper 1A & 1B, Sycamore 2B, Tassajara Hills
U12 Boys: Sycamore 4 & 5, MSC Lower A and B
U14 Boys: Sycamore 2 & 3, Diablo Vista Park, MSC
U16 Boys: Sycamore 2 & 3, Diablo Vista Park, MSC
For field locations and parking directions go to & click on “Fields” in the Related Links on your left side of the page.
Tournament Headquarters will be located at MSC.
Credential Requirements:
Teams must provide roster
Teams must check in with the Field Marshal/Registration Desk 30 minutes prior to each game.  
Player safety checks will be performed by the Referee on the field prior to each game. 
Length of Games:
Age group           Preliminary/semi-final games                  Championship/consolation games
Under 10                   2 - 20 min. halves                                        2 - 25 min. halves
Under 12                   2 - 25 min. halves                                        2 - 30 min. halves
Under 14                   2 - 30 min. halves                                        2 - 35 min. halves
Under 16                   2 - 35 min halves                                         2- 40 min halves
Teams will be on one side of the field and parents will be on the other side of the field.  Teams will be ion either side of the half line in their own technical areas
Teams will earn points in each preliminary game according to the following schedule:
6 points for each win
3 points for each tie
1 point for a shutout (0-0 tie = 4 points)
0 points for each loss
1 point for each goal scored (maximum of 4 per game)
1 point deduction for each player or coach ejected (red card), if any.
1 point deduction for each goal differential over 6 per game.  A 7-0 game = 10 points. 
The maximum points possible in any game is 11 points.
No scores are official unless posted by the TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR.  CHAMPIONSHIP and CONSOLATION games will be posted by the TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR at the end of regular play on Sunday.
All games are to start at the scheduled time.  Any team which fails to have (7) seven eligible players (six for U-10 teams) on the field within (5) five minutes following the scheduled game time will forfeit the game to its opponent.  The team present will be awarded a 1-0 win and will receive (8) eight points.  No points will be awarded if both teams fail to have the minimum number of eligible players within the (5) five minutes following the scheduled game time.  If a team withdraws from the tournament prior to completing all preliminary games, all games in which they played shall be scored as a forfeit.
Unlimited substitution as follows:
·              prior to your own team’s throw-in
·              prior to either team’s goal kick
·              after a goal, by either team 
·              during an injury time-out, by either team
·              at half time, by either team 
Limited substitution:  A player presented with a caution (yellow card) may be substituted at that time, provided play has been stopped by the referee.
In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by the following “tie-breaking” rules. If more than two teams are tied, the tie-breaking commences with the 2nd step, then reverts back to the 1st step when two teams are left tied: 
1st      Head-to-head record
2nd     Team with the most wins
3rd     Goals against: the team giving up the fewest number of goals.
4th     Goals for: the team with the greatest number of goals scored, to a maximum of (4) four goals per game.
5th     Goal differential (all goals counted)
6th     Ejections:  the team with the fewest ejections (red cards)
7th     Cautions: the team with the fewest cautions (yellow cards)
8th     FIFA Kicks from the Mark or as may be modified by a Tournament Director.
All teams/players should remain at the field if the 8th Tie Breaking criteria is needed to determine if a team plays a Championship or Consolation game.
Failure to have your team/players available for the 8th Tie Breaker procedure shall be resolved in favor of the team ready to compete for “FIFA Kicks from the Mark”. 
If the score of a Championship or Consolation game is tied at the end of regulation time, the winner will be determined by:
1st      Two (5) five minute overtime periods will be played, Golden Goal (sudden death).  A coin toss at the start of the overtime period, called by the visiting team, will determine which end of the field the coin toss winner will attack (the loser getting the kickoff in the first OT period).  If the game is still tied after the two overtime periods, then: 
2nd     FIFA Kicks from the Mark. 
Home team: 
·          Provide the game ball (subject to the approval of the referees) and game card.
·          Wear the Home jersey.  In the event of a color conflict, the HOME TEAM must resolve the conflict (i.e., change jersey).
·          The team with the highest point total will be the home team for consolation and championship games.  For teams that are tied in points, the home team will be decided by the tie breaking rules above.
Field Marshals:
The Field Marshal will collect the game card directly from the referee at the end of each game and deliver the game card to the score keeper.  In absence of a Field Marshal, Referees are directed to turn the game card in to the score keeper directly.  The game card is the official game record. 
Any player or coach who is sent off (red card) from a game will be suspended from the team’s next game, at a minimum.  Sendoffs will be reviewed by the Tournament Director and depending on the infraction, additional penalties may be imposed. 
All games, when concluded, will be considered final.  PROTESTS WILL NOT BE HEARD.  Situations not specifically addressed by these rules will be resolved by one of the TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS. 
Medals will be awarded to all players with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishes immediately after the Consolation and Championship games.
Good sportsmanship is expected of all players, coaches, parents and spectators throughout this tournament.  NO NOISE MAKERS OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED. 
Guest Players:
Season Standings:
Tournament games will not be counted in the regular season standings.
Games that are not played due to rain may be rescheduled.  What games are rescheduled and when they are rescheduled will be determined by the Tournament Director.  Games not affecting the outcome of the tournament may possibly not be rescheduled.
 Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco or Controlled Substances:
Possession or consumption of the above is expressly prohibited at any of the sport complexes. Any team (including players, coaches, parents and/or spectators) found violating this rule will automatically forfeit all games played, face possible expulsion from the tournament and will not be invited back to the tournament in future years. 
Five Team Divisions:
These divisions will consist of 5 teams in the tournament.   All teams will get 3 games, 2 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday.  Once all teams have played their first three games, the team with the highest point total will play the team with the second highest point total for the championship.  The team with the third highest point total will play the team with the fourth highest point total for the consilation.  Please note that one team will play a 4th game prior to the championship and consolation to make sure the 5th team gets a third game to be counted toward total points.  This will be the team with the least amount of points and this team shall already be out of the tournament, though they will get an extra game.  THE FOURTH GAME FOR THIS TEAM WILL NOT COUNT IN THE POINT TOTAL TO ADVANCE TO A CHAMPIONSHIP OR CONSOLATION GAME
Six Team Divisions:
These divisions will consist of 2 brackets of 3 teams.  Teams will play two games within their own bracket.  The top two point finishers will qualify for a semi final match Sunday morning.  The top point getter in group A will play the second place point getter in group B.  The top point getter in group B will play the 2nd place point getter in group A.  The winners of the semi final match will play a championship game for 1st and 2nd place. The losers of the semi final match will play in a consolation match for 3rd and 4th place. The teams that finish 3rd in points in group A and B will play a final game on Sunday morning as a consolation 3rd game
Seven Team Divisions:
Seven team divisions will consist of two brackets, one with 4 teams and one with 3 teams.  All teams will play two games on saturday.  Based on the points received from saturday games, teams will then be seeded into the appropriate games in Sunday.  The team in A with the highest points will play the team in B with the second highest points for semi final 1. The team with the highest points in B will play the team with the second highest points in A for semi final 2.  The semi final winners will play in a final game for the championship.  The semi final losers will play in a consolation match to determine the 3rd fourth place finishers.  The 4th place team in A after Saturday games will play a 3rd game against the winner of the game between the two third place games.  This means that one team will get a 4th game that will not be a part of the Championship or Consolation to ensure that all teams get a minimum of three games for the tournament.
Eight Team Divisions:
Eight team divisions will consist of two (2) Flights of four (4) teams each.  Each team will play the others within its Flight for a total of three (3) preliminary games. 
Flight A winner top points getter will play Flight B top points getter for the Championship. Teams that finish second in Flight A and B will play each other for the consolation game.
Ten Team Divisions:
Flight A will consist of four (4) teams. Each team will play the others within its Flight for a total of three (3) preliminary games. 
Flight B and C will consist of three (3) teams each.   These teams will play a crossover with all teams from flight B playing all teams from flight C for three games. 
The winners of Flight A, B, and C will be the three group winners. The top points getter of these three teams will play against the second highest points getter for the championship. The third group winner will play a wildcard. The wildcard will be determined as the highest point getter remaining once all group winners are removed.
Eleven Team Bracket:
The Eleven team divisions will consist of three (3) flights of 4 teams in flight A, 4 teams in flight B and 3 teams in flight C.  Every team will play two games on Saturday.  This will determine the places for seeding of games on Sunday.  The top 1st place team will play the 1st 2nd place team in Semi Final 1.  The 2nd best first place team will play the 3rd best first place team in semi final two.  The winners of these two games will play in a championship game.  The losing teams of these two games will play in the consolation match.  Because there is an odd number of teams, one team not in a consolation or championship will be asked to play a 4th game Sunday afternoon.  The winner of the 3rd best third place team and the 1st best fourth place team will play against the 2nd best fourth place team so every team can have three games. 
Twelve Team Divisions: 
The twelve team division will consist of three (3) flights of 4 teams.  Teams will play 3 preliminary games in each flight.  The three group winners from flights A, B and C will qualify for a fourth game along with one wildcard.  The wildcard will be the remaining team from any of the flights with the next highest point total.  The group winner with the highest point total will play the group winner with the second highest point total for 1st place in the championship game.  The group winner with the 3rd highest point total will play the wildcard for 3rd place in the consolation match.

Modifications to "LAWS OF THE GAME": U10 - U19


Law #1: The Field

The dimensions of the field may range from 45 to 60 yards x 60 to 110 yards. The exact size of the fields will be based on the primary age group assigned to play on the field and the location of the field and will be determined by the League up to the maximums allowed by the Laws.


The goals for U10s should be 7 x 18 feet, or as determined by the league. U12 will use 7 x 21 feet when available All other age groups will play with goals 8 x 24 feet. The center circle for U10s shall be 8 yards in radius.

The penalty arc is not required to be painted on U10 fields.


Law #2: The Ball

The ball for U10-U12 will be a size #4, 25-26 inch circumference, 11-13 ounces.

The ball for U14-U19 will be a size #5, 27-28 inch circumference, 14-16 ounces.

The Home team will provide the game ball. If the Home team does not have a suitable ball, the Visiting team shall provide it.


Law #3: Number of Players

U10: 7v7

U12: 9v9

U14-U19: 11v11

U10 Rec Teams: The maximum number of players on the field will be 7

(one of which will be the goalkeeper). The minimum number of players required to play a game will be 5.

U12 Rec Teams: The maximum number of players on the field will be 9

(one of which will be the goalkeeper). The minimum number of players required to play a game will be 7.

U14-U19 Rec Teams: The maximum number of players on the field will be 11

(one of which will be the goalkeeper). The minimum number of players required to play a game will be 9.

An unlimited number of substitutions may be made as follows:

1. Prior to a throw-in for either team

2. Prior to a goal kick, by either team

3. After a goal has been scored, by either team

4. After an injury, while play is stopped, by either team

5. At half time

6. When the referee stops play to caution a player, the cautioned player may be substituted prior to the restart of the game. Only the cautioned player may be substituted.


A player may be substituted an unlimited number of times. On all substitutions, the substitute player should not enter the field of play until receiving a signal from the referee, and then at the half-way line. It is imperative that coaches have players up at the half line ready to sub when they ask for a substitution.


An injured player may be substituted as allowed in item 4 above. If a player is bleeding, they must be substituted. The injured player may re-enter the game only after all the blood has been removed from the area of bleeding and from any clothing.


Any player receiving a serious injury during a practice or scheduled game (requiring a doctor’s attention) must have a written release from a doctor before returning to practice or game play.


Each player will play at least one half of the game’s duration (coach’s responsibility-see exceptions under Disciplinary Procedures for Players).

Law #4: Equipment

Shinguards are required for all practices and games. Shinguards must cover a minimum of ¾ of the shin, except they do not have to be longer than 10”. The shin runs from the ankle to the knee. Players wearing shin

guards that are too short will not be allowed to play.


Players who must wear eyeglasses are encouraged to wear sports goggles. Players must wear glasses that are safe. Lenses must be unbreakable and frames must be unbreakable plastic or sturdy metal.


Absolutely no jewelry may be worn while participating in any game,practice, tryout, or training session. Only medical alert bracelets may be worn; they may be taped as necessary. Earrings and other piercings cannot be taped.


All players, parents, coaches, and referees are required to act as a reasonable person concerning player safety, including protecting players from wearing any equipment or device that is dangerous to the player wearing the equipment or device or to any orthopedic casts, air-splints, or metal splints.


Players wearing any dangerous equipment or device including orthopedic casts, air-splints, or metal splints, shall not be eligible to participate in any game, practice, tryout or training



The Home team will wear the Red uniform. The goalkeeper will wear a distinctive jersey. It will be the coach’s responsibility to have all players in full uniform, appropriate to the division.


Law #5 & 6: Referee and Assistant Referee

All games at the U10 and U12 Division 4 level will be officiated by three Grade 9 (or higher) Referees. Each team will provide one Grade 9 Referee to act as Assistant referees (linesmen), while the Home team shall supply a Grade 9 Referee to act as the center referee. Referees are not coaches and will not coach the players, but may give instructions limited to the Laws of the Game.


A referee who has a conflict of interest, i.e. related to a player, must get the approval of both coaches before proceeding to act as a referee, except for the 10 and U12 Division 4 games noted above. The referee may act as a parent official without the consent of the coaches. A parent official that is acting as a linesman can only call the ball in and out of play.


Law #7: Duration of the Match

The game will consist of two equal halves as follows:

U19.. two 45-minute halves

U16.. two 40-minute halves

U14.. two 35-minute halves

U12.. two 30-minute halves

U10.. two 25-minute halves


The half time interval shall be 5 minutes.


Any team unable to field the minimum number of players within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time will forfeit the match and the opponent awarded with a 1-0 win. If both teams are unable to field the minimum number, then both teams will be assessed a 0-1 loss.


All games will end on time. Any game that does not start on time will be shortened as required.


Law #8: Start of Play

A goal may be scored directly from a kick-off.


Law #12: Fouls and Misconduct

In all U10 matches, all penalties will result in an indirect free kick (see Law #13).

Parent officials will not show yellow or red cards. However, parent officials may warn (caution) and, if necessary, send off players. In severe cases, the parent official may prevent players from returning to play for the remainder of the game. A player sent off by a parent official may not be replaced, i.e. the team will play short-handed for the remainder of the game.


The goalkeeper will not be charged at any time if he/she is within his/her own penalty area.


Laws #13, 14 & 17: Free Kicks and Penalty Kicks

In all U10 matches, there will be no direct free kicks (and, therefore, no penalty kicks). All kicks will be indirect. This means that the ball must first touch another player before it enters the goal in order for a goal to be scored. No kicks at the goal shall be taken closer to the goal than the edge of the goal box. Defenders must remain at least 8 yards from the ball until it is in play in U10 matches







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