Registration for tryouts opens February 1, 2024. Players MUST register for tryouts HERE

  • Families have the option to select which fee they would like to pay when registering. Players MUST register and pay one of the fees to tryout for the 2024-25 Competitive Program.
    • $50 Tryout Fee:
      • Non-Refundable*
      • Early Bird Discount (February 1-29)
      • Those who pay the $50 tryout fee AND make a Competitive Level I - ECNL or Level II - Pre-ECNL, Elite I, or Elite II team will be automatically charged the remaining $350 registration fee on May 31st.
      • Those who pay the $50 tryout fee AND make a Competitive Level III - Comp Select team will be automatically charged the remaining $350 registration fee on June 15th.
    • $400 Tryout + Registration Fee
      • Refundable*
      • Early Bird Discount (February 1-29)

*It is recommended that players who were a part of the Rec, Rec Plus or Juniors Programs for the 2023 season register for Rec, Rec Plus, or Juniors for the 2024 season, and pay the $50 fee instead of the full $400 tryout fee so they are secured a spot in their respective program. If your player does not make a Competitive team and chooses to stay with Mustang in Rec, Rec Plus or Juniors, the $50 will be refunded. If your player does not make a team and/or chooses to not participate in any other Mustang program during the fall season, the $50 will NOT be refunded. The club is not responsible for players who do not register for Rec, Rec Plus, or Juniors and do not make a Competitive team.

**The Level I  - ECNL & Level II - Pre-ECNL, Elite I  and Elite II program fee 1st installment payment of $500 is due by June 15th. The 2nd installment payment is due by July 15th. The 3rd installment payment is due by August 15th.

***The Level III - Comp Select program registration fee is due by July 15th.

2024 Program Eligibility

Level I ECNL: 2012-2006 DOB

Level II Pre-ECNL/Elite: 2017-2006 DOB

Level III Select: 2016-2006 DOB

Program Competitiveness

Level I ECNL: Most Competitive; for players with significant soccer and competitive experience

Level II Pre-ECNL/Elite: Competitive; for players with decent soccer experience and some competitive experience

Level III Comp Select: Least Competitive; for players with some soccer experience, but little to no competitive experience

To view a summary of all our programs and to familiarize yourself with the different program and team fees associated with each, please click HERE.


  1. All players, internal and external, must sign up to participate in the tryout process.
    • An internal player is anyone who played Comp, Rec, Rec Plus or Juniors at Mustang during the 2023-2024 season.
    • An external player is anyone who played outside of Mustang during the 2023-2024 season.
  2. Sessions may be added to age groups based on the need for additional evaluations.
  3. Signing up for a tryout does not guarantee you a spot on a Competitive team.
  4. Once teams are formed, the Competitive Registrar will contact families to complete payment for the remainder of the program registration fee.
  5. To view our Out of Area Competitive Player Policy, click HERE.
  6. To view our Playing Time Guidelines, click HERE.


Boys Competitive Director: Joe Owen

Girls Competitive Director: Pat Uriz

Competitive Registrar: Michaela DeJesus

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