Elite Teams National League - ECNL

Level I

What is the Competitive Level I - ECNL Program?

The Competitive Level I - ECNL program is the most competitive and highest-level soccer program at Mustang with attention paid to the tactical, physical and mental development of our players. Our program philosophy aims to develop more creative and technically proficient players within the ECNL national structure and prepare them for soccer at the collegiate level or beyond.

Who typically plays in this program?

For the 24/25 season, the players in the U13-U19 age groups, encompassing 2012-2006 birth years, are eligible for this level. These are the very best soccer players in the region who aim to compete at the collegiate or professional level. Mustang ECNL teams routinely compete at the highest level of competition in the country.

Who coaches these teams?

The Mustang coaching staff consists of many former professional and college coaches who also have varying licenses from USSD and NSCAA. Mustang provides ongoing education and opportunities for our ECNL coaches to upgrade their licenses over time.

How are these teams formed?

These teams are formed through a section of players based on scheduled tryouts and monitored play during both practices and games. For tryout information and schedule, please click HERE.

What is the time commitment?

- This is a year-long commitment.

- Three 90-minute practices per week integrated with supplemental fitness work and/or futsal for U8-U14 teams

Mustang Soccer Goalkeeper & Striker Academy for goalkeepers and strikers

- Participation in the ECNL

- Tournaments and/or showcase participation depend on age group:

  • U13-U15 will have 1-2 regional events and 1 national event
  • U16-U17 will have 3-4 national events
  • U18-U19 will have 1-2 national events
  • Playoffs when applicable

What is the Soccer Moratorium?

"Moratorium" is a specified period where players are encouraged to utilize this time for vacations and/or breaks from soccer. For the 24/25 season, the Moratorium will be June 15 - July 7. Coaches will still hold training during this time but attendance during Moratorium does not affect playing time. Please ensure to check in with your coach to ensure you are aware of any upcoming tournaments/showcases during the Moratorium period.

What is the financial commitment?

Tryout/Registration Fee: $400

Program Fee: $2,550

Team Fees: $1,000-$2,000

Uniform/Travel Fees: $1,000-$2,000

Total Financial Commitment: $4,950-$7,000

Please note: Team Fees vary by team and player and are paid directly to Team Treasurer. Team fees are separate from the Program Registration and are collected for expenses such as tournaments/events, team equipment, coach travel expenses, chaperoned trip expenses, etc.

Level I Acceptance & Registration Process

When accepting a position on a competitive team, you are making a financial commitment to pay the costs associated with the program and team. Please familiarize yourself with the program you are joining. A summary of each program, program registration, and potential team fees, which may include travel to out-of-area tournaments and events can be found here

2024-25 Program Eligibility

Level I ECNL: 2012-2006 DOB

Level II Pre-ECNL/Elite: 2017-2006 DOB

Level III Select: 2016-2006 DOB

Program Competitiveness

Level I ECNL: Most Competitive; for players with significant soccer and competitive experience

Level II Pre-ECNL/Elite: Competitive; for players with decent soccer experience and some competitive experience

Level III Select: Least Competitive; for players with some soccer experience, but little to no competitive experience


Girls ECNL Director: Mike Kelley

Boys ECNL Director: Andy Mittler

Boys Competitive Director: Joe Owen

Girls Competitive Director: Pat Uriz

Competitive Registration Questions: Michaela DeJesus

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